Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Toy!

     As some of you may know already, my wife and I, are huge fans of the movie Trick 'r Treat.  Well, last week, my MezcoToyz Sam Figure came in the mail.  I ordered it from Movie Replicas Direct.  They "...offer fans of movie collectibles the big shop feel with a small shop’s heart."  This company really came through for me!  I thought it was a pre-order for next month and would have to wait a bit for it to arrive.  It came in a couple days, folks!  I believe they may still have some left, go check 'em out.  It goes for $19.99 plus S/H.  This company also has some other really cool horror & movie collectibles as well.  I feel my wallet draining as we speak.

     Believe me, this is a work of art and worth every penny.  Also, if you're looking to get one, hurry, they are selling out quickly.  I had to scour the internet to find some still in stock.  I was getting really discouraged until I found Movie Replicas Direct.

     I'd better get to ordering another one because I think my youngest nephew is going to be a bit miffed that he doesn't have one too.  We share a bond over this movie and he was Sam for our wedding last October.  Wedding pictures to finally come in the near future.

My youngest nephew dressed up as Sam for our Hallowedding.  Gotta love him.

I am in no way paid by or affiliated with Movie Replicas Direct or MezcoToyz. 
All information and opinions are my own.
I was just really impressed with them and wanted to send them some love.