Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hallowedding 2016: The Rings!

     Raven and I searched for a long time to find just the right rings for our Hallowedding.  We looked at traditional rings, black rings, antique rings, etc., but none seemed quite right for this quirky couple.  We wanted something very unique that spoke to both of us.  We finally came across these peculiar handcrafted beauties from Metal Monkey Jewellery, an Etsy Shop located in Halifax, Canada.

Raven Skull Band Set from Metal Monkey Jewellery on Etsy
     Words cannot express how giddy we both were when we saw these rings online.  They were absolutely perfect.  I contacted the Etsy shop owner Graeme Ross immediately with a multitude of questions about them.  He was very friendly and a complete delight to talk to.  He pleasantly answered all my questions--and there were a lot of them folks.  After that, there was no doubt in my mind that these were the rings for us.  He kept in touch throughout the process, letting us know the status of the rings.  When they arrived at our doorstep, I believe, we both squeed with joy.

     We knew a long time ago that we wanted skull boxes to put the rings in for the ceremony.  We found these museum quality skulls with hinged jaws on  However, we ran into a dilemma with how to present the rings inside them.  So, I dredged the internet to find these orange & black stress ball brains from Office Playground (which I, sadly, just discovered has closed up shop).  The brains fit perfectly inside the skulls.  We were quite pleased with the presentation.

These did come with skull tops but are not pictured here.

     Well, that's all for today my peculiar friends.  Have a wonderfully dreadful day!

Photos taken by © Get Kara'd away

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I will be late to my own funeral...

   So for those don't know me all that well... The month of October is an incredibly busy time of year for us (the whole family).  The family packs it full of yard haunts, fun activities, and parties.  We give it everything we've got and quite frankly, afterward, we feel very burnt out from it and sad that it's over.  It usually takes a month or two to completely recover.  And 2016 was especially draining having planned a wedding.
     I had planned to offer up posts about our wedding in December, last year, giving time for the photos to arrive and having taken time to recuperate from it all.  However, with the other holidays and all of those festivities, it became quite difficult to meet that deadline.  Then directly proceeding the holidays I got very ill and spent a week in the hospital.  That took another couple of months for me to recuperate my strength.  So long story short, it has taken me until now to finally post pictures from our Hallowedding.  I will finally be posting pictures--for those that may have been interested in how it turned out.

Stay Tuned.

Until next time my peculiar friends...